Hotel facilities

The residence is a modern and well refined estate, recently refurbishes even in furniture, structured in various types of apartments: on the ground floor there are two-rooms apartments provided with decks facing the recreation ground, on the raised ground floor there are one-room flats only, some of which are equipped to accomodate disable persons, provided with decks facing the park, the same floor keeps the reception, open from 8.00 to 13.00 and from 17.00 to 22.00, TV room and a comfortable hall, ideal to spend some free time playing chess, draughts or cards.

On the first floor one-room and two-rooms apartments are available, provided with decks facing the hills (recreation ground) or the sea, the same applies to the second floor , where flats are equipped with balcony or windows. On the third floor there are three-rooms apartments connected to an observation platform furnished with deckchairs and beachchairs, ideal to tan without going to the beach, enjoy a beautiful sunset or pass a few hours in the hot summer nights to admire the stars.

All the apartments are furnished with dishes in the right quantity for all the hosts and microwave oven, blowdryer, telephon, beach umbrella, balcony chairs and table. The Residence consists of 32 one-room apartments (2/3/4 hosts) with queen-sized bed, sofa bed and kitchen nook, bathroom; 22 two-rooms apartments for 4/5 people, double bedroom, living room with sofas and kitchen nook, bathroom; 4 three-rooms apartments with 6 beds, same rooms as the two-rooms onesincreased with a double room.

With a small sum, in two and three-rooms apartments is possible to add a bed. Near the central structure there are 6 bigger three-rooms apartments more (dependance) available on similar terms.

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